Chaotic shore leave on Duronis II

Chaotic shore leave on Duronis II

DURONIS II – After a particularly stressful mission, the crew of the USS Thunder-A returned to the Embassy on Duronis II for some much needed rest and relaxation. Little did they know that their shore leave was about to be just the opposite.
With many new and returning faces, the staff of the Embassy grew to nearly twice its size. Both Ambassador Della Vetri and Radml. Toni Turner found their personal residences doubling as they meet and greet for the new arrivals. An impromptu wedding was quickly organized and held for LtCmdr. Irinia Pavlova and Lt. Aurora James in the gorgeous gardens of the Embassy.
The joyous chaos was not meant to last, though. Before the wedding festivities had even wound down, Vetri received the bittersweet news that she would be leaving immediately to command the relaunch of her previous vessel: USS Avandar, NCC-80203. Taking with her a handful of the Embassy’s crew, they only had hours to say their goodbyes.
If that hadn’t been saddening enough, tragedy struck. The newly wed James was found dead in the very gardens where she’d held her wedding earlier that day. An investigation into the death was undertaken by the Marine Corps under LtCmdr. Drayke Flemming, with the aid of Dr. Garon Silari and Lt. Anora Manar. The findings showed that no foul play was involved, James had passed on due to a severe allergic reaction to a mutated strain of native Laudean flora.
In order to honor James’ passing, Turner continued on with her plans to hold a dinner and dance that same evening. The assembled crew mourned the passing of their comrade and friend, observing a moment of silence in her memory. In order to lighten the mood, this was followed by the presentation of the previous mission’s service ribbons and promotions.
“I have called you together tonight to honor AJ, and to celebrate the completion of another successful mission with the presentation of Service Ribbons and our new roster,” announced Rear Admiral Toni Turner.
Before the evening was over, the Marine Corps was whisked into action in order to deal with a local terrorist faction. And before half of the remaining crew could even get out of their party dresses, they were issued orders to join Captain Samal Frazier on the USS Bronwyn, NCC-2124, for immediate departure on a new mission.
Those crewmembers at the Embassy who once thought shore leave would be a time to rest and relax have since learned their lesson.

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