Starfleet rescues captured officers from pirates

Starfleet rescues captured officers from pirates

DURONIS SECTOR — Starfleet has staged a daring raid on a pirate sanctuary to rescue captured officers as demonstrations broke out on Duronis II in the aftermath of the kidnapping of the Laudean prime minister.
The crew of the USS Thunder-A, with Lt. Cmdr. Hannibal Parker in command, set out in pursuit of the kidnappers who had abducted Laudean Prime Minister Vail Daysa, along with Flt. Capt. Turner, Ambassador Vetri, and Lt. Cmdr. T’Lea. Tracking communications from the kidnappers’ ship, the Thunder traced it to an asteroid field called the Zone.
The communication also contained an ominous note: the kidnapped crewmembers were to be sold at an auction in eight hours. To make the situation worse, word had gotten out that Vail Daysa was now missing back on Duronis II, and demonstrations wracked the planet. The development forced Hannibal to split his crew to deal with the multiple threats.
Arriving at the Zone and after the fortuitous commandeering of a Ferengi vessel, Hannibal and Lt. Cmdr. Kamela Allison assumed their former cover identities as outlaws, and they, accompanied by Lt. Cmdr. Rossh, set out to free their captured crewmates and bring them home.
Rossh posed as a captive to be set upon the same stage as their captive crew members. Once the curtain went up, Hannibal was stunned to see that only Turner and Vetri were offered for sale, and T’Lea was replaced by another Vulcan. Undeterred, Hannibal entered a fierce bidding war only to be interrupted by a brawl started by allegations of cheating by one of the buyers. Using the melee as cover, Hannibal, Allison, and Rossh moved to free the three women and make their escape.
Hearing the melee over the open comm, the Thunder moved in and fired an EMP pulse, immobilizing the pirate fleet and beaming the rescue team and the now free captives back to the Thunder. The ship made her escape and set course for Duronis II.
The Thunder crew swore to find their still missing shipmate, a sentiment forcefully echoed by Parker.
“We will never stop looking for her, and whoever has her will pay a heavy price for the abduction and enslavement of a Starfleet officer, the highest crime a being can commit with the exception of murder,” he said. “Rura Penthe is too good for them. They will be found and prosecuted.”
The Thunder crew on Duronis II worked to quell the building tensions on the planet, using the press to help dispel rumors and restore relative calm until the Prime Minister was located and returned. With the help of Britta Daysa, the Prime Ministers’ wife, things on Duronis stabilized, and the Embassy was no longer under threat.
However, it was soon determined that Prime Minister Daysa had been returned to Duronis by the Laudean gangster Gaev into the hands of former prime minister Chandra, who had ill intentions of her own.

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