Your donations sustain our community

Your donations sustain our community

Thanks to the generosity of our members, we’ve reached the first checkpoint on our path to fully funding our website costs – we’ve raised about 25% of the money necessary to keep our site online!
We need another $350 by December 31 to hit our halfway mark, and then it’s on to the final stretch when our big, yearly hosting bill comes due in mid-May, 2016. If you can help, please click here to donate now – it only takes a few minutes via PayPal.
So far, the following members have joined me in making contributions to the donation drive:

  • tr’Khellian
  • Quinn Reynolds
  • Kalos Fiorr
  • Anora Manar
  • Nugra
  • Alex Blair
  • Selene Faranfey

Many, many thanks to them! They’ll each receive an upgrade to their forum accounts with a special contributor badge, a “pass” from the search limit timer, and more space for private messages.
As a reminder, it costs about $1,350 a year to run our site. Cost contributors include our domain names, web hosting, SSL certificate, forum software licensing, data storage for backups, and various tools that keep our site running smoothly.
Please donate $5, $25, or whatever you can afford to help us maintain our site and keep our community online. Your payment is securely processed by PayPal.

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