USS Columbia returns from 4-dimensional planet

USS Columbia returns from 4-dimensional planet

STARBASE 118 — After witnessing the birth of Hemix II, a new planet at the intersection of the 4th dimension, the crew of USS Columbia has returned to spacedock.
An attempt on the life of Commander Brek, Starfleet’s first Ferengi captain, headlined a variety of remarkable events aboard USS Columbia in the Skalur Expanse. Sent to investigate an island ecosystem on Hemix that appeared overnight, Columbia encountered pirates, assassins and creatures from the fourth dimension in an adventure that put the new captain and his crew to the test.
A pirate leader, Chennel, was captured and incarcerated under Federation law following her vicious treatment of prisoners Lt. Commander Tyler Kelly, Lt. Theo Whittaker and Lt.jg Mirra Ezo. The three were awarded the Purple Heart for injuries sustained while imprisoned.
“I have your away team as my prisoners, Commander. I thought I would let you see one of them… before I had him executed,” Chennel is reported to have threatened over comms, before claiming Hemix was her planet and demanding Columbia leave the region.
While Chennel was captured and remanded into Federation custody, another attacker went free. The mysterious shapeshifter known as Que made an attempt on Brek’s life on the Ferengi’s own bridge. Que was cornered by several officers after a shipwide search, and rendered unconscious by a paralyzing agent released by Dr. Johanna MacLaren. Que later disappeared from custody on Starbase 118, and her whereabouts are unknown. It is thought she posed as a Columbia crewman for several months prior to the assassination attempt.
Lt. Commander Kevin Breeman is being lauded for his discoveries in the fourth dimension that seems to intersect at the site of Hemix. While his research has yet to be released, scientists at the Daystrom Institute eagerly await Breeman’s remarkable findings. Breeman has been made Chief Science Officer aboard Columbia.
Following their adventures, the crew headed to Echevar, a resort planet not far from Starbase 118. There, Commander Brek reserved a ski lodge as a reward for the crew’s hard work and dedication. Brek awarded his officers with ribbons for gallantry, bravery and discovery, as well as presenting a Prometheus Ribbon to the entire crew, and an Explorer’s Ribbon for their discoveries on Hemix, including the planet itself, which transformed into the new planet Hemix II as a result of its intersection with the fourth dimension.
During the ceremony on Echevar, Ensigns Mirra Ezo, Antero Flynn and Diego Beyett were promoted to the rank of Lieutenant JG. More amazing discoveries and exciting adventures await the crew, with Columbia set to embark on a new mission soon.

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