Colony leader killed after taking several Starfleet hostages

Colony leader killed after taking several Starfleet hostages

PERNIPIA GAMMA IV — After numerous attempts to compromise the colonization of Pernipia, rogue colony leader Robert Carson was killed in a final confrontation with Starfleet officers.
“I don’t know about you sir, but I’m not convinced there can be a peaceful resolution,” security officer Lt. Tyler Kelly was reported to have said to his commanding officer Commander Ben Livingston of the USS Columbia, foreshadowing the deadly showdown.
The crew of the Columbia had brought a group of colonists to Pernipia Gamma IV, where they were soon joined by a Klingon vessel, the IPS Rapier. The Klingon ship was soon taken over by its first officer, an intelligence officer working undercover and on a mission to catch Carson.
Meanwhile, after a cunning breach into the Columbia‘s systems, Carson escaped from the brig. Once again, he used violence and Counselor Ceilidh Riverview, who had been interviewing him, ended up in sickbay. With the help of his associate Gerard, Carson then reached the Columbia‘s bridge. There, upon discovering that the Rapier had betrayed them, the two colonists forced Commander Livingston, Ens. Ian Connory and Lt. Vitor Silveira to go to the captain’s ready room.
Security and engineering worked promptly on transporting the criminals elsewhere. After a crafty distraction involving a replicator that exploded, Carson, Gerard and, by inadvertence, Silveira, were sent to cargo bay 2. Unfortunately, as effective as the diversion had been, the explosion also knocked out Connory.
Realizing that his options were running low, Carson insisted on speaking with a negotiator, Lt. Cmdr. Sal Taybrim, but this was not to be as Lt. Kelly came to the rescue of Silveira. An intense fight ensued, during which Silveira was stabbed and Kelly nearly killed. Thankfully Silveira managed to throw a phaser towards Kelly, who grabbed the weapon and killed Carson.
On Pernipia, Lt. Cmdr. Brek’s away team returned to the cave, in hot pursuit of a Pakled who had captured a security officer. They caught him without too much difficulty and beamed back aboard the Columbia.
Having killed the Rapier‘s crew, the first officer destroyed the ship and, accompanied with the tactical officer, fled in escape pods. They regrouped on the Columbia and left the area in an unmarked runabout.
Once the crew had recovered from their ordeal, they rejoined on Pernipia for a well-deserved shore leave near a lagoon. There, the traditional end of the year awards ceremony took place.

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