Awards Nominations are coming soon!

Awards Nominations are coming soon!

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Every year we convene a Community Awards ceremony that honors players of all ranks and levels on their achievements throughout the year. Community awards were started in 1996, and remain one of the oldest standing traditions of this group. These awards allow command staff to reward hard working players for all that they have done to make this sim great.
Community awards start with a nomination process. Every participating member is encouraged to nominate their fellow crew members for various awards based on game participation during the 2015 year. Once nominations open, look to the news announcements as well as your own ship announcements for specific instructions on how to nominate players for awards!
You can find out more about the community awards process on our wiki.

The awards are divided into four categories: General Awards, Special Awards, Duty Post Awards, and Staff Awards.  These awards are considered OOC awards, and can be displayed on both primary and secondary characters of the player who earned them, as well as on any PCs that player may change to in the future. Each player may only win each general award once, and there will be a list to double-check which players have earned which awards when nominations open.
General awards are awarded ship-by-ship and are given out to reward the contributions players have made to their ship throughout the year. Any member of the game can receive a general award, and each general award can be given out up to one time per ship per year. When nominating players from your ship, try to think of the one that best embodies that award.
Special awards are game-wide awards that are given out to recognize exemplary contributions to the game OOC. Any member of the game can receive a special, but only one special award is given out across the fleet per year.
Duty Post awards recognizes the best of each department across the fleet. Only players who sim a character in the department role recognized by the award are eligible for nomination (this includes specialty roles within a department such as a botanist would fall under science). Only one duty post award is given out per year, per department.
Staff awards recognize those members that provide leadership to the game as a whole. Only players of the rank of Commander and above can be nominated for these awards, and only one of each award is given out per year.
Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements as we progress into November and December!

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