Truly Alien

Truly Alien

Once in awhile, and yes, I know it’s hard to imagine, but I do find myself running out of ideas for fresh and exciting Polls of the Week each week. In that case, I tend to visit this section of the forum for inspiration. That being said, this section has been pretty quiet as of late, and we here on the Poll of the Week team would like that to change. Should any one of you have any poll ideas or suggestions for future polls, feel free to post it. This week we’ll be dealing with one such suggestion posted by Lieutenant Johanna MacLaren last week.
Star Trek, like many sci fi series’, have had it’s fair share of aliens crossing paths with humans over the years. Like most science fiction to grace television and movie scrreens throughout the years, most of these aliens uncannily resemble humans for the most part save for one or two different features. In some cases, exactly like a human. But once in aawhile, we come across a truely alien looking creature in Star Trek. This week your job is to decide on your favorite non-humanoid species in Star Trek and hopefully tell us why it’s your favorite, or even add any that are not listed, if you wish. So head on down to the polls and let us know how weird you really like your aliens to be.

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