These Are The Voyages!

These Are The Voyages!

The names Star Trek and Enterprise are almost synonymous and the Enterprise has been an integral part of Star Trek lore since it’s inception. Commanded by Captains from Jonathan Archer to Jean-Luc Picard we have witnessed it’s destruction and it’s return on many occasions. People have mapped out every deck of each incarnation with pinpoint accuracy right down to the location and square-footage of each Enterprise’s bathrooms. So to say the Enterprise is just back-drop to what happens in Star Trek would be somewhat remiss of what draws so many to the franchise. Over the years, the Enterprise has become as important to Star Trek as much as the actors who have portrayed the characters that serve on-board her, from the NX version all the way to Enterprise E and beyond.
This week we’ll be looking at the various Enterprises that have graced our television screens and movie theatres throughout the years, and you can now choose your favorite! Are you a fan of TOS version or the JJ verse version? Is the Sovereign class more sleek than the Galaxy class or vice versa? Is the refit Constitution your favorite or does the NX version, being the original, grab your fancy? Head on down to the polls and pick your ship, and let’s make sure history never forgets the name…Enterprise.

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