The Razor’s Edge

No one can argue that Star Trek is a family oriented show. From it’s humble beginnings straight on through to the present day, watching Star Trek is one of those things that the whole family can participate in. Basically, it’s clean, fun, family entertainment.

However, much like other family oriented television shows, the writers and producers sometimes like to see how far they can push the envelope and perhaps stir up controversy. Star Trek was not immune. This week we’ll look at some controversial episodes of Star Trek that have graced the small screen and let you will decide which you thought was the most controversial of all time, and why. So head on down to the polls, and as always, feel free to add to the list, should you know of a controversial episode of Star Trek that is not there.

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  1. Amanda/Alora

    Actually, I will argue that. I refuse to let my kids watch it until they’re older!