Changes to the telepathy/empathy rating system

Do you play a telepath, either as a PC or PNPC, or know someone who does? If so, then you’ll certainly want to know about the change to the T/E rating scale.

The T/E rating scale has been, for many years, a handy guide with which to reference your character’s telepathic and empathic abilities. While that remains true, this new change, which was approved by the Captains Council on June 21st, corrects a common misconception regarding the T/E rating of 0. Under the old system, a rating of 0 meant that a character possessed simple ESP. However, many writers used a T or E of 0 to refer to a character without any telepathic or empathic abilities, creating some confusion around the rating’s usage: On a given character page, would 0 correspond to a lack of ability or to ESP?

As of June 21st, the 0 rating has been clearly defined to refer to a character with no telepathic or empathic abilities whatsoever. 0+ will now be used to refer to those characters who possess simple ESP.

For more on playing a telepath or empath, you can check out the Basic Rules of Telepathy and Empathy.