Return To The Small Screen

There has been rumor, keyword, rumor, that a new Star Trek series may be on the horizon. No matter how far fetched it may be, it is something I am sure a lot of us would like to see. Star Trek back on the small screen!

Now I reiterate that this is all rumor because I don’t want my team of pollsters to be inundated with hate email should there not be a new Star Trek television series within your lifetime. But that being said, it is once again dream time.

Should there be a new television series for Star Trek, in what era would you like it to be placed? In which universe? In what fashion? Yes, this week will be a multiple poll in one because of all the elements involved in which a new Star Trek series could be based upon. So head on down to the polls and vote for your favorite potential Trek ideas for a new series, dictated to me by a famous local fortune teller and palm reader. And as always, don’t be afraid to add your own ideas to the mix. 🙂