Podcast: Women In Trek

Podcast: Women In Trek

Lt. Commander Velana and Lt. Commander T’Mar step forward again to host a fantastic new podcast discussing the role of women in Star Trek. Working through the show’s progression from the Original Series all the way to Enterprise and beyond, there is plenty of thought provoking discussion on how women were portrayed both well and poorly over the course of Trek history.
Highlights of this podcast include discussion on how characters, particular female characters can be strong without having traditional physical strength, how male writers unintentionally portray strong women in unrealistic ways, and a discussion about prejudice and backlash on women in the Star Trek fandom. It brings a fresh perspective to the fandom from some dedicated fans from our own community
Other segments include active female writers in science fiction, promotions and the launch of the Columbia and the Victory, meeting celebrities, a monthly fleet chat reminder and the gnawing question of whatever happened to the male mini-dress uniform that we saw on The Next Generation?  From great stories about conventions to some intriguing commentary and criticism of our favorite series, this podcast has it all!
Check it out on the forums where you can listen to the podcast and join the discussion!
The podcast is always looking for new contributors. If you’re ready to get involved, check out the podcast forum.

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