November 2014 Post Totals

November 2014 Post Totals

As part of an ongoing overview of the whole fleet, we’d like to present for you the posting totals and simming trends for and through November. These number will give you some idea of how active our ships are month-to-month, as well as how the whole fleet is doing.
November saw some great gains for many ships of the SB118 fleet, including the Atlantis, which was up to 319 sims from 225 in October, and the Apollo, up to 177 from 113. Columbia and Victory also saw gains, while Constitution and the Duronis II Embassy stayed around their previous posting levels. The Garuda, after its stellar October, returned to high-normal posting levels, at 230. Overall, November was a gain for the fleet over October, for our second month in a row of a trend of growth.
november 2014 post totals
As you’ll see below, the fleet is also doing much better than at the same time last year. While 2013 had been outperforming 2014 since July, November reversed that trend and gave 2014 and almost 40-sim-average boost over 2013. Well done, everyone! Let’s see if we can keep that momentum going into the final month of the year!
2014 averages for novembernovember 2014 averages

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