May plot summary for the USS Excalibur

May plot summary for the USS Excalibur

Following Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti’s disappearance, a memorial service was held in her honor by the crew of USS Excalibur NCC 41903-A. Commander Liam Frost also attended the service. Following the memorial, an award ceremony was conducted. Engineering continued repairs, now assisted by crews from Erscyne Station. In a change of heart by the Trade Alliance, the station was opened to Excalibur’s crew as a place to seek relaxation and rest. High Chief Merchant Kzahtayapa developed a strong interest in the Transporter technology aboard the ship despite her earlier fear of how they would affect the balance of trade. Some members of the crew visited the station and were surprised by the inhabitants’ sense of indebtedness to Nicholotti’s sacrifice and that of the entire crew. Taken as a sign that longer-term relations could eventually be established, this was a far leap from the original isolationist attitudes they presented.
StarFleet Command has indicated that a Court Martial will be held for Lieutenant Vitor Silveira as a result of his disobedience of a direct order from Fleet Captain Nicholotti. The court, consisting of Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx, Fleet Captain Cascadia Rainier, and Frost, convened shortly after their arrival. The court was swiftly called to session, with Lt. Commander Katy Orman prosecuting and Lt. Commander Brek defending the accused.

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