May plot summary for the Duronis II Embassy and USS Thunder-A

May plot summary for the Duronis II Embassy and USS Thunder-A

Following the awards ceremony, the crew of Embassy settled in for a couple days on the beach, allowing newly transferred crew members from the decommissioned USS Tiger to settle in and get used to their surroundings.
But all was not wine and roses, as soon, the crew was called into a briefing. It seemed that four ships had been lost in space, one of them being a Laudean freighter. A garbled distress call was all the evidence they had to go on, so the USS Thunder-A NCC 70605 headed to the coordinates of the missing ships and attempted to investigate the anomaly. Several probes were launched and lost, and fighters sent to investigate…until the anomaly began to grow and took two fighters to the other side…..
Following them through the rift, the Thunder found herself orbiting a dead sun..or so they thought, as they established communication with whom had sent the earlier distress signal. They also found themselves thirty three years in the future, and the crew was no longer the spry bunch they had been. They also carried the memories of that thirty plus years, which revealed some painful revelations for several of the Thunder crew. Then weapons on the surface locked onto the Thunder, and opened up, the hits being taken by the armor and causing minor damage. With the fighters now on board, it was decided to send down an away team to get some answers.
When the team arrived, they discovered what they had originally believed was a prison, but was also a massive graveyard of wrecked starships, the prison itself wrecked during the attacks on the Thunder. Survivors gathered with the away team as the ground began to tremble beneath them. A massive machine opened fire on the away team and the prison, endangering them all and forcing an emergency evacuation of the prisoners and away team members. Once everyone was on board, the damaged Thunder escaped the collapsing sun, and escaping through the rift back into their own time and space.

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