June Featured Bio Winner

Lieutenant Kaitlyn Falcon is the Chief of Helm/Communications and Ops aboard the USS Darwin NCC 99312-A. She and her non-identica twin sister Rebecca were born on the USS Freedom at the end of the Dominion War. Kaitlyn has lived most of her life aboard starships.
She left the USS Nova to work for her brother on his freighter the SS Nova, giving her experience of life on Starfleet and Civilian spacecraft. She learned to fly a bulky freighter, patch up damaged systems and shoot pirates with a modified phaser. The experienced would later be described as allowing her to see parts of the Federation that weren’t on tour.

Kaitlyn Falcon off dutyEventually she left and joined Starfleet Academy and when she graduated was assigned to the USS Vigilant. From there she worked through the ranks and was transferred later in the year to the newly launched USS Darwin. Rhino, a beautiful ginger and white Syrian hamster is her pet companion.

Kaitlyn’s interest in piloting is such that she keeps a large number of holodeck simulations to keep her skills sharp and will fly any craft, air or space from as many different cultures as she can find. Other hobbies and talents include playing the piano and rock climbing, which was something her mother had enjoyed.

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