July plot summary for the Excalibur

July plot summary for the Excalibur

The crew of USS Excalibur, NCC-41903-A, were called to a breakfast meeting by their new Captain, Fleet Captain Cascadia Rainier. Very quickly however, people began to suspect that something strange was going on as officers from the USS Darwin NCC-99312-A began to show up. Soon Captain Rainier started the meeting where she promoted Lt. Commander Ben Livingston to Commander and informed him of Starfleet’s decision to give him command of the USS Columbia, to which he and several other officers would be transferring too effective immediately.
After the departing crew said their goodbyes, the crew’s attention was brought to a developing situation in the Onias Sector. In response to the worsening of a plague previously thought to have been solved the the crew of the Excalibur, a group calling itself Ralaaram Ocala has taken to harassing Federation traffic near the neutral zone. Further investigation reveals that Ralaaram Ocala translates into ‘Sky Fire’ the name of the Starfleet Doctor who came up with the much-lauded ‘Skyfire Cure’ which was thought to have originally cured the plague.
Wasting no time, the Captain set a course to the Onias Sector leaving the rest of the crew to spend their time finishing the repair work from the previous mission, discussing the recent crew and in some cases vessel change, and trying to gather what little information they knew about Ralaaram Ocala and even the Onias sector itself…

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