Happy Hour!

Happy Hour!

This week we’re celebrating the awesome creation known as “Happy Hour”.  An idea dreamed up to quench the thirst of those who like to party way too early. Or at least those looking for more bang for their buck. So on that note, this week, the team of pollsters, mathematicians, engineers and scientists here at the Poll of the Week have decided to give you all a double dose of button clicking fun!
So on that note, this week we have two…yes count ’em…two polls! The first being our follow-up from last week’s Poll of the Week where it’s up to you to decide on the theme of the Poll of the Week. We have ten to choose from and to those who have submitted their ideas, many thanks go out to them for submitting some wonderful potential tunes to choose from.
The second will be more Star Trek oriented with a special focus on TOS. Of the Captains who have commanded starships or installations in the Next Generation era, who do you think would also be best suited to command a starship from the old series era and why do you think so? So head on down to the forums and make your choices, and don’t be shy to add your comments. But if any of you start a bar brawl, I’ll sic the team of mathematicians on ya’! 🙂

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