Gemini plot summary for September

Gemini plot summary for September

Tensions began rising as the USS Gemini – NCC-80564, led by Cmdr. Liam Frost – remained in orbit of Rathos Prime. On the surface of the planet, the away team found themselves surrounded by rioting civilians. Unfortunately, one of the attacks on the Mobile Lab resulted in Lt.jg. Vanessa Driscoll becoming infected with the very pathogen that the team was there to cure. Frost was forced to fire on the planet, causing the rioters to scatter.
With the situation on the surface calmed for the moment, the Rathosian government sent one of their research scientists to assist with the work for a cure. LtCmdr. T’Mar led the group, along with the new guest, into the lab to get to work. It was not long, however, before the Rathosians were back… this time in larger numbers.
At the same time, the Gemini’s medical team determined they were unable to find a cure in time to save any of the population. The only solution was to infect the population with Malo Lupo. The disease appeared to counter the effects of the pathogen, but not without it’s own unpleasant side effects. Learning of the degrading situation on the surface, Frost made the call to pull out, a decision made all the more difficult by the fact that Driscoll would have to remain behind.
T’Mar tasked LtCmdr. Blair and LtCmdr. Weston with securing the warp core of the runabout, who took it upon themselves to beam her to a safer location. With their sensitive equipment secure, the team minus Driscoll were beamed aboard Gemini and began decontamination while the crew mourned the loss of their science officer.

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