Emergency Rations: Party Down

Emergency Rations: Party Down

Welcome to Emergency Rations, where each month we highlight details from the worlds of Star Trek and UFOP: SB118 to fuel your fandom, inspire your writing, and help bring your sim to life.
This month’s theme is Anniversaries. UFOP: SB118 is celebrating 20 years of simming excellence, and this column is a stunning two months old! In honor of these achievements, we’re looking at the milestones your character might celebrate in their 24th century life.
You have caught up on your reading; you have scrolled through all the forums; you have read the entire wiki again. Maybe you’re celebrating your 20th post this week, and need the inspiration for just one more. A toast to your creativity! It’s time to break out the Emergency Rations…
Everyone celebrates a birthday in character – like an office party in real life, you somehow can’t avoid it. Below are three types of social occasions that might inspire further festivities.
As you chew your way through your rations, think about how you can incorporate these items and ideas into your sim. When you’ve succeeded, tell us about it on the forum. We’d love to hear how you’ve put your creativity to use!
Annual Parties. If it’s annual, it counts! If you work on the Embassy, you know which holidays to celebrate. Anything similar on other ships? How about back home? What holidays and festivals are important where you come from? Speaking of annual events that bring us together: anyone watching the game? What is the World Cup of the 24th century? What is the Super Bowl? Will you watch it with friends? And what IS the Starfleet equivalent of an office party?
Great Moments in History. Treaties, battles and first contacts make for a thrilling history, and the events of history are part of our everyday lives. During its 20 years of interactive storytelling, UFOP: SB118 has covered a vast area of time as well as space. How well do you know the events of recent UFOP history? Does your character remember the past with a special commemoration event back home? How about at the Academy? Or on your current ship? How do you memorialize the past? Any famous forbears? Toured any famous sites?
Commemorations. The stunning accomplishments of history’s greatest figures fill our invented past. Which do you celebrate most? In 2391, it has been 230 years since the formation of the United Federation of Planets. 98 years since the Khitomer Accords were signed. 28 years since the first confirmed contact with the Borg. 15 years since the Pathfinder Project contacted USS Voyager. A short 4 years since the SB118 Fleet fought the Vaadwaur Invasion. What great moments do you remember?
It’s the 5 minute anniversary of when you started reading this column. I salute you! Please visit the forum to let us know how you used these ideas in your writing. Happy simming!

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