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Laudean Prime Minister kidnapped from Ba’ku

BA’KU — Laudean Prime Minister Vail Daysa has been kidnapped along with several Starfleet officers while vacationing on Ba’ku.

The Laudean prime minister and his wife Britta had accompanied the USS Thunder-A crew from Trill, where newlyweds Ambassador Della Vetri and Lt. Commander T’Lea had enjoyed their honeymoon. The crew of the Thunder-A had been enjoying their shore leave on the Ba’ku planet located in the Briar Patch. It was a homecoming for Marine Colonel Tyr Waltas, as this was his first visit home since his return to Starfleet duty.

After some initial resistance to Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker’s display of weaponry, the people of Ba’ku honored their Starfleet guests with a banquet in their honor. The crew settled into the paradise, enjoying various personal pursuits and the benefits of Ba’ku’s famed metaphasic radiation.

However, something sinister was afoot in paradise. While Fleet Captain Turner, Ambassador Vetri, and Lt. Commander T’Lea were out picking berries on a trail, they were met on horseback by Lt. Commander Hannibal Parker and his wife. Soon after, a disruptor shot caught their attention, and while Hannibal rode off to see where the shot came from, Captain Turner, her party, and Vail Daysa were taken by Laudeans.

“How could this have happened?” demanded Laudean Parliament Member Nesha Illana. “Starfleet should and will be held fully responsible for this complete failure of security.”

Despite Commander Parker’s actions in taking out two of the attackers, the kidnappers escaped using a Romulan transporter. Rallying the crew, Commander Parker took the ship out of orbit in pursuit of the perpetrators.

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