Constitution plot summary for September

Constitution plot summary for September

After re-launching her from the drydock of StarBase 118, the new crew of the USS Constitution, NCC-9012-B, spared no time in heading for the bridge to meet their new Captain, Commander Shelther Faranster, and receive their quarters assignments from the FO, Lt. Commander James. As the assignments were handed-out, the Constitution received a hail from a Ferengi named Zogi who wished to purchase the rights to their ten-forward bar. After a brief negotiation, it was decided that he would take over the bar and throw a welcoming party for the new crew.
Soon after, Faranster gave the order for the Constitution to launch, heading right for it’s first destination under the new command: A remote science station called the Sotra Orbital Research Station, far off in the Avalon sector. Their mission, to deliver vital goods that the station needs from StarBase 118. According to a local specialist, Ensign Zayar Feraoun, the station is somewhat of an enigma – no ship has ever actually docked there merely beaming cargo aboard; odd, considering it’s ostensible purpose to map the area. Intelligence Officer Lieutenant JG Aidoann Danara, however, was able to shed a little more light onto the situation, telling Faranster and James that the station was established about two years ago and is currently populated by a Denobulan Xenobiologist called Dr. Morely Rin and a Ktarian Astronomer called Dr. Aralo Onil. In addition, despite it’s assumed mission the sector of space around the station is, as of yet, hardly mapped.
With their arrival to the station quickly approaching, Commander Faranster made the decision to do more than just dock with this enigma of a base and actually invite the scientists on board to the Constitution, to share in it’s welcoming party. However, with information such as the fact that they should, officially, have seven scientists aboard not two slowly coming to light what initially looked like a simple delivery mission quickly became a rather intriguing mystery…

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