Constitution plot summary for October

Constitution plot summary for October

After being invited by Commander Shelther Faranster for a detailed tour of the USS Constitution, NCC-9012-B’s science labs, followed by an after party reception, Doctors Onil and Rin arrived aboard the ship. They were greeted, among others, by the newest Chief Science Officer of the Constitution, Lieutenant Udas, who was tasked with escorting the two researchers on a guided tour of ship. The captain had ordered the Lieutenant to show the scientists around the parts of the ship they may find interesting.
But the tour was also meant to keep the researchers slightly occupied.
While distracted by their tour, Faranster dispatched First Officer, Lt. Commander James, Commander Tel-ar, Lieutenant JG. Aidoann Danara and Ensign Mark Ricks to investigate the research station and the reports that there were actually seven researchers assigned to the post. They quickly learned that not all was as it seemed as several cryo-status pods were discovered several people being held in suspended animation. Some of the cryo-pods were losing their life signs and after a number of setbacks, they began to work on saving those suspended.
Meanwhile, Major Ben Edwards began flight training for his group of fighter pilots, Lieutenant Kaitlyn Falcon and Lieutenant Commander Alexander Williams ran the simulation with the fighters finding that there were issues going on with the ship’s computer system, to which Lieutenant JG. Eileen McCleran started looking into. Upon the end of the simulation, Williams decided it would be best to have a disagreement with his station, which had him visiting sickbay where Lieutenant JG. Sylath Kai’Ryn was dealing with his own problems. Sickbay had become the hub of the ship, with injuries, preparing for a quarantine and the occupants of cryo-pods from the station, as well as dead officers due to an unfortunate shooting that Ensign Andromeda Lightfeather was investigating.
The strangeness didn’t end with sickbay and the station, but also included the way Ensign Yana Wescott came to make her first appearance on the Constitution. Her shuttle was experiencing a coolant leak, and they requested emergency transport. Due to a miscommunication between transporter operators, the officers on her shuttle were transported to various locations within the ship.

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