Captains Council Chooses New Magistrate

The Captains Council magistrate organizes discussions and manages votes for the council, and plays an important role in ensuring that day-to-day business stays on track. The position is elected once a year by voting members of the council.

The outgoing 2013 magistrate is FltCapt. Kali Nicholotti, who was adept at keeping the council on time and target, with military efficiency. The council thanks her for her service as she steps back to focus on commanding the Excalibur in the face of some real life changes.

The incoming 2013 magistrate is Capt. Cassandra Egan Manno (former Capt. Aron Kells), CO of the USS Garuda (formerly the Mercury — the crew moved to a new vessel this week). We look forward to this year’s service by a captain who is respected for his diplomacy and team-focused attitude.