Atlantis plot summary for October

Atlantis plot summary for October

With the help of DS26 Ops and a few USS Atlantis, NCC-74682 crew members locked outside the holodeck, the corrupted holoprogram is defeated and the trapped crew is rescued. Lt Shryker having now fully transformed into a feral beast, is isolated in Sickbay until her treatment is completed. But there is no rest for the intrepid Atlantis crew. Emerging from the holodeck, they learn that they are 14 hours late on their departure to kick off their new mission! They are assigned to investigate increased Romulan activity in the Norlian Nebula, the Bermuda Triangle of the Par’tha Expanse. One possible reason for the heightened activity could be due to the detection of an intermittent pulse of an old United Earth Space Probe Agency bravo band radio wave.
There’s only one way to explain the strange situation – to head right into the heart of the Norlian Nebula. And a promotions ceremony along the way wouldn’t hurt!

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