Federation ambassador rescued from Petainia rebels

Federation ambassador rescued from Petainia rebels

PERTAINIA PRIME — Ambassador Craig Walters, the Federation ambassador to Pertainia Prime, has been recovered safely by Starfleet personnel in an elaborate operation after a coup d’etat on the planet.
“The ambassador is safe and in good health,” Secretary Haros Chenta of the Federation Security Council told reporters earlier this morning. “The Security Council will be meeting with the President later today to discuss the evolving situation on Pertainia, and I’ll have more information at that time. For now, I’d just like to commend the actions of the crew of the USS Apollo for the extraordinary work they’ve done.”
The operational report released by Starfleet Command paints a dramatic picture of the rescue. The crew of the USS Apollo-A were having difficulty contacting their away teams on Pertainia Prime. Lt. Cmdr. Luna Walker, who had been placed under house arrest for insubordination, was consulted to find a way to open communications to the teams, which she found by bouncing off the signal of a shuttle close to a pole of the planet. With that plan the bridge crew, lead by Lieutenant Rune Jolara, was able to contact the away team around Lt. Cmdr. Akeelah D’Sena. With communications restored, the two away teams led by Lt. Cmdr. D’Sena and Captain William Rogers were able to make further arrangements.
Captain Rogers’s team split, leaving a small group outside the Embassy to take care of injured natives. Rogers and Ensign Sabina Tiam headed into the Embassy to find Ambassador Craig Walters, who according to an injured guard, was with the rebels.
D’Sena’s deactivated the jamming device, restoring communication and transportation with the Apollo and joined the other team. D’Sena split from the group to find Rogers and Tiam, while the rest stayed outside with Cmdr. Sundassa Faranster to assist her.
D’Sena, Rogers and Tiam found Ambassador Walters and his bodyguard, Marine Cpt. Jade Harris, with the rebels Ledat and Munro, who appeared to have taken them hostage. The rebels were beamed to the Apollo for interrogations. Ambassador Walters and Harris were brought on board as guests. D’Sena and two ensigns searched the Embassy for survivors, while the remaining team beamed on board to either treat the wounded or be treated themselves.
Meanwhile, the Apollo was scanned by an unknown source on the planet. The bridge crew did not find the direct identity, only a location. Later they were sent a message to leave in binary code. Any attempt at further contact failed, but no further action was taken from the planet’s side.
The remaining away team returned to the Apollo with more wounded and dead. After interrogations, the rebels Ledat and Munro were beamed back to Pertainia. It appeared they had only talked with Ambassador Walters and Harris instead of the presumed hostage situation. The ambassador and his staff were brought to Earth to meet with Starfleet officials in San Francisco. Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx returned as well, handing temporary command to D’Sena while he will be in meetings with Starfleet Command.
The Apollo left orbit to get under way towards StarBase 118 and was now enjoying a well-deserved party on the holodeck to relax and socialize.

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