October 2014

Tell It To The Judge

One of the things that makes Starbase 118 so unique is not only the wonderful people here, but also its government.  Today, I had the opportunity to learn a bit

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Here come the brides!

Lt. Commander T’Lea and Ambassador Della Vetri are now officially married! The entire event took place on the picturesque beaches of Telrin Archipelago on Trill. The event was filled with

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Sexism in simming

“What happens In Character stays In Character.” It’s a nice thought, but it isn’t always true and using that defense as a shield can have harmful effects on our other

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Top Sims Contest: Round 26

The Top Sims Contest is now accepting nominations for Round 26 of 2014. Every day, your crew mates write the kinds of sims that make our community one of the

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Victory plot summary for September

The USS Victory NCC-362447 has found itself engaged in operations against the Hunger that have been using a Yeltan teleport gate to infiltrate the galaxy. The Victory used an old

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Featured Bio Contest Winner: Tarsii Asmara

The son of an enhanced Angosian war veteran and a psychotherapist, science officer Tarsii Asmara was born with genetic instabilities and overly aggressive behavior that nearly threatened his life. Fortunately,

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