USS Vigilant Plot Summary for August

USS Vigilant Plot Summary for August

The USS Vigilant NCC-75515 is in orbit of a stricken Duronis II. Reports rolling in from the surface are characteristic of a planet that has been hit by a furious and relentless attack by a large colony of bluegills. Infected Laudeans have stormed the Embassy and Vigilant personnel have been deployed to
support their defense effort. Meanwhile, a team from the Vigilant has been deployed under the leadership of Lieutenant Commander Nugra from the embassy and the Vigilant’s own Major Leo Handley-Page in an attempt to destroy a concentration of bluegill queens discovered in Govinda province. With two members of the team already infected by bluegills and a third dead at the hands of an infected colleague, the away team were last reported as fighting for their lives in the middle of a bluegill spawning pit.
Meanwhile, on the embassy grounds, events have turned from bad to worse. Increasingly restless on the sidelines, a key civilian VIP took the decision to join the battle for the embassy, leaving Commander Greir Reinard to assemble a team to back him up. Events spiraled out of control, resulting in Fleet Captain Diego Herrera and new arrival Lieutenant Commander Velana in a desperate struggle to save Commander Reinard’s life in the embassy’s trauma room, with possible lasting consequences. Meanwhile, Fleet Captain Toni Turner left the safety of the CIC to join the fray in search of her husband, only to find out for herself the terrible truth.
Ambassador Tallis Rhul is dead.

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