See No…Nudity?

Nudity is no stranger on the set of television and film. The first non-pornographic nude scene with a leading actor to ever take place in an American film is documented to have occurred in a film entitled ‘Inspiration’, which was released way back in 1915. The Hays Code, rules that limited nudity in films, was in place by this point but wasn’t enforced until about 1934, largely in part of complaints. It remained enforced – so strict that even cleavage was considered unacceptable – until the early sixties. Since that time, nudity in film and even television has become more and more commonplace.

Even Star Trek, a largely benign series when it comes to flashing body parts, has had its share of nudity. Granted, such nudity has always been tastefully presented. Flashes of hips and cleavage with the occasional glimpse of ‘cheeks’ have been the extent bodily revelation – and most of that has been present in the newer versions of the show. Still, with all the exposure to nudity and partial nudity the average person has today, it is perhaps odd to hear complaints about a body being exposed.

Except that’s exactly what has happened. In the newest Star Trek film – Star Trek: Into Darkness – Alice Eve, who portrays Dr. Carol Marcus, strips down to her underwear. Now such a scene might not cause a stir for most, it seems to have struck an unfavourable chord among critics. Eve herself goes on to say that it really wasn’t a big deal. She also goes on to explain her view as to why people had a problem with it – and why she actually thought it had an important role to play in regards to her character. Head on over to the short interview with Alice Eve.

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