Poll of the Week: What to Wear?

Poll of the Week: What to Wear?

Over the course of the many years we have watched Star Trek, we have witnessed many different uniform variations, starting from the original pilot episode starring Jeffrey Hunter, to those worn in the latest incarnation of uniforms worn in the Abramsverse Trek movies.
So this week’s poll is quite obvious. Which version are you most drawn to? Are you a fan of the old versions worn on TOS and more recent movie incarnations? The Next Geneation variants from the 80’s and early 90’s? Any of the movie versions pre JJ Abrams, or are you more into the variants portrayed in the video game STO?
Seeing as we are all closet fashionistas, where do you think the future of StarFleet uniforms are heading? Will they resemble that potrayed in Voyager’s End Game and The Next Generation’s All Good Things, or will they look completely different?
Please feel free to share your ideas and perhaps, concepts on the forums and let the voting commence!

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