Post Totals for June 2013

Post Totals for June 2013

Returning this month after a long hiatus is our monthly statistics charts showing our post totals for each ship. This summary will give you an idea of how active the ship is on a month-to-month basis.
This first chart shows the average number of sims across all ships in the fleet by month, so far this year. So, summing the total number of sims and dividing by the number of ships for each month. This month, we saw a small uptick in the average number of sims per vessel across the fleet, which is a promising sign going into summer.
This second chart shows the number of sims from each ship for the month of June. This particular month is rather peculiar in that two sets of three ships all had remarkably similar post totals, with Apollo, Discovery, and Drake all having almost exactly 172 sims each, and Embassy, Mercury, and Tiger all clustered closely around 150 sims.
Congratulations to Ops and Vigilant for a stand-out month in terms of post totals. This is the third month of improvement in numbers for Vigilant, while Ops is slightly lower than last month.
(Image credit: Memory-Alpha)

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