Post Totals for August 2013

As part of the ongoing overview of the fleet as a whole, here are the monthly figures for total posts for each ship. This summary will give you an idea of how active the ship is on a month-by-month basis.

This first chart shows the average number of sims across all ships in the fleet by month, so far this year. So, summing the total number of sims in a month and dividing by the number of ships, we get the figures you’ll see below. This month, we saw continued increase in the average number of sims per vessel across the fleet, setting a new high for the year to date. A good sign as both summer and the Fleetwide Plot Arc continue, even in the face of some of the technical hurdles thrown in our path during August, and a trend we hope to see continue for a long time to come!

Our next chart shows the number of sims from each ship for the month of August. Overall, a number of ships are either a little down or about where they usually are in terms of numbers, but the Apollo have continued their higher-than-normal output from July. The Embassy take pole position for August, however, with a total of 398 sims for the month of August, with the Vigilant not that far behind with 371.

(Image credit: Memory-Alpha)