Poll of the Week: Rehashing the Favs 3

Poll of the Week: Rehashing the Favs 3

Quite normally questions like “what is your favorite anything in this category?” is reserved as ice-breaker topics. Whether that be as a way for a pair of new room mates to bond or to start discussion on a web forum. So it should came as no surprise that these types of topics have been discussed once or twice over the years then forgotten in a community like ours. While there tends to be little point in having the same conversation over and over again I do like to mix things up on occasion so this week we are back with another classic Trek poll.
So, long before we had The Next Generation and obviously before any thought of the Abramsverse occurred we had the The Original Series and it’s movie franchise. While the TOS movies may have been a way to reboot the TOS series I am not sure what Trek would be without them. So this poll asks quite simply, which of the TOS movies is your favorite? Now as with the last one of these polls, the two Abramsverse movies are excluded from the list but that doesn’t in any way limit your options.
No matter what you think, this is the time and place to share it as a comment or just a vote, on the forums, but I certainly would encourage you all to share your thoughts (as much or as little as you feel comfortable with) because that’s what makes these polls timeless and enjoyable to revisit.
Have fun everyone.

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