Poll of the Week: By popular request

Poll of the Week: By popular request

Carrying on from last week’s Trek poll regarding our favorite TOS movies we are back with another Trek inspired poll but as you all know, I don’t like to make things simple so this week’s poll relates to our IC selves. Yes I know I am being a little vague, maybe more then usual but everything should be clear soon.
Now just like the intro to this poll another thing that tends to be vague is when your called to the Captain’s ready room or perhaps your department head’s office then upon arrival you are asked if you would like a drink of some sort or to sit even. Now by this point you know that something serious is about to follow maybe even that it will be time consuming but what do you do is the question of the week and for a change we have a double question; Do you accept the offer of refreshments or decide against it? And secondly, do you sit down or remain standing?
While the combination of choices may not be infinite it does say something about the characters we write. Do you prefer to be more comfortable in such situations with a nice hot cup of coffee or perhaps to stay more defensive and closed off by remaining on your feet? Of course there is no right or wrong solution to this question so let your IC self shine through as you have fun with this poll on the forums.
So with things a little more clear, have at it.

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