Poll of the Week: By association

Poll of the Week: By association

This week’s poll is a request by our very own Admiral Wolf. So if you want to see something specific in a upcoming poll drop a comment in the poll suggestion thread and you will undoubtedly see your poll soon thereafter.
Although I cannot speak for others, when I look back on my life many of my interests, hobbies and in some cases even experiences have more meaning not just because of the enjoyment I get out of them but also the attachment to the person who first introduced me to that activity or experience in the first place. Be it your father who taught you to play your favorite sport to your mother who fostered your love for reading, or even your friend that got you into skating.
More often then not, it is not the activity or at least from where I am sitting, but rather sharing the experience with someone that makes the activity memorable and worthwhile. At least in the beginning and this is precisely what this week’s poll is all about. This week I pose the question; Who first introduced you to Star Trek?
Whether it was a family member, friend or that strange old shop keeper that you bumped into by chance, who was it that first encouraged you to venture into the world of Trek? Remember to post a comment after you vote on the forums, perhaps with your first impressions at the time, because that is the magic of polling.
Have fun everyone.

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