October Plot Summary for the USS Excalibur

October Plot Summary for the USS Excalibur

The situation looked dire, and extremely complex on Agurtha. The ship was forced to enter the upper atmosphere and shift to a polar orbit to avoid the impact of the energy waves coming from the gateway. . On the planet, the away team reached the gateway in time to see a massive pulse finally open the apparently damaged gate.
Making things worse, a Tal’Shiar engineered explosion triggered at the Agurtha hospital wounded many.
Needing to make sure everyone was safe, the Captain and FO pulled the crew off of Agurtha working to save the lives of those injured and take the ship far enough away to avoid more pulses. Moving out of orbit, the FO was called down to sickbay where his sister was lying unconscious, though unaffected by the plague. The doctors determined that the plague only affected Romulans, and that the hybrid nature of Luna Walker was sufficient to create a cure. At the same time, the FO realized that the Tal’Shiar had attacked his sister while following the letter of their agreement.
Coming to a hard decision, he left sickbay only to encounter another surprise. The combination of the pulses from the gateway and the active transporters had pulled the sentient creature asleep in his head out into a real body. “Scott” was restrained and left as a distraction for the ships Intelligence and security to deal with. Commander Orman, after only a few minutes, realized the intent of Captain Walker’s actions, but didn’t realize he had modified ship’s sensors to hide his actions. As he left, a pre-created message spawned in the Captain’s ready room, sharing that Captain Walker’s family had been targeted by the Tal’Shiar for years, and by surrendering his commission, he would be able to protect them on Agurtha. The crew took the news badly, feeling betrayed by the news when Captain Nicholotti shared it. With the cure being distributed, and a new government being created due to their influence, the crew is ready to leave orbit.

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