New Academy Leadership

New Academy Leadership

I’d like to announce a change of leadership in our Academy: FltCapt. Sidney Riley is stepping down as Commandant, and FltCapt. Andrus Jaxx will be taking her place.
Riley took a leadership role in the Academy in September, 2006. At the time, Rear Admiral Jessa Anassasi had recently stepped-back from training, and I was reorganizing the program. I tapped Riley as a Deputy Commandants and she quickly earned the respect of the Training Team.
I have no ideas what took me so long, but I finally named her the Academy Commandant in late 2008, where she has been a constant force since then, helping to guide and shape the team. In the seven years since she was appointed Deputy Commandant, she has overseen the graduation of no less than 500 cadets into the fleet. That’s an incredible legacy of leadership.
The change is only precipitated by good fortune in real life, where her career has soared to new heights, requiring a greater amount of her time.
Many, many thanks to her for all those years of dedication to the Training Team.
And now, as I mentioned above, FltCapt. Jaxx will be stepping in to the role of Commandant at the Academy. Jaxx has made an indelible mark on our group in the past few years with his thoughtful participation throughout the fleet, and in training. I expect that he’ll achieve some great things with his new role, and I’d like to thank him for a willingness to take on this task. Training is our premier team, and without a doubt the most important non-simming activity that drives our group’s success.

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