Music to Your Ears

Music to Your Ears

As I grew up, I remember the television being on and as the clock would hit the bottom or the top of the hour, the sounds from the television would dictate what show would be playing based upon the iconic tunes of whatever theme would play. One never had to actually see the television to know what show was coming up, for the theme gave that information away from rooms away.
Themes for television shows date back the the days of radio, where themes would play before news programs as well as radio soap operas and any other show. That concept slid easily into television and is one feature that dates back long before television was even around and has been a part of pop culture from before the days your grandparents were born. As such, its probably something you don’t even think about much.
However, those who put together television shows place a large emphasis on this component. Can you imagine a news show with the Seinfeld theme? Or Friends with a classical ensemble theme?
So that brings us to this week’s Poll of the Week. Of the Star Trek incarnations with live action, which theme do you prefer the most? Head on down to the forums to check it out.

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