How Would They React?

How Would They React?

Almost every week, our group receives an influx of new recruits onto our team of SIMmers. New SIMmers become new characters for which to interact with on various ships. These new characters that are developed from these new recruits, often have an idea what their character will look like. These portrayals often take the form of an actress, actor or model we all recognize. As such, many times, our writers request images of all sorts for their choices of actors, actresses and models to be placed into a StarFleet uniform through those who are savy with image manipulation at the image collective and their band of wonderful volunteers.
Seeing as a lot of the characters portrayed in our group are those who fall under the actress, actor or model type, and have been a long standing tradition in order to portray those characters, this weeks Poll of the Week deals with this aspect.
If you have chosen an actress, actor or model to portray your character, how do you think that model, actor or actress would react should they learn they were portrayed in such a way? Do you think they would be angry or upset? Happy or flattered? Has anyone ever received feedback from someone who has been chosen to portray your character? Seeing as there are no wrong answers to this question, head on to the forums and let us know what you think.

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