Have You Seen Em’ All?

Have You Seen Em’ All?

I have had a busy week. Between family issues and work related issues, my free time is almost non-existent. Just coming home every day and sitting would lead quickly to slumber-land. But on Monday was a little different. I came home late, kicked off my shoes and plopped into my sofa and turned on the TV. And as I flipped through the channels, I caught an episode of Star Trek Voyager. But not just any episode of Star Trek Voyager. One I had never seen before.
Now, until Monday night, I was certain I had seen all the episodes of each incarnation of Star Trek, including all the films. But it appears that I was wrong. That or early onset of dementia from working too hard. Either way, it was a real thrill for me to see an episode brand new to me.
So where is the forgetful old lady going with this, you may ask? Well it brings us to our weekly poll question. Have you seen every episode of Star Trek ever? Have you seen all the movies? If no, which have you seen? Which have you not? Are you in the process of watching a particular series? Are there any episodes or movies you are looking forward to seeing in which you have not yet seen?
And so, in order to help the Neilson ratings people, head to the forums to let us know what your Star Trek viewing habits are.

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