Free Gadget for Everyone!

Its holiday season people. So that means shopping…shopping and more shopping. Now me, I love to shop. But not so much when the rest of the world has the same idea. What normally starts out as fun, this time of year quickly disintegrates into a stressful experience.

As such, some of us will be getting gifts this time of year. And even if you do not celebrate the holidays, or if you are just not into the whole giving spirit, that’s cool too. Just try to pretend for this week’s Poll of the Week.

Once again we will be looking at the hypothetical. This year I am in the giving mood and this year you can choose one gadget from the Star Trek universe to have as yours today. And only one. Which would you choose? Why? How would you use it? Is there another gadget from the Star Trek universe you would rather have that is not on this list?

So head on down to the forums and choose your new free toy, for this offer comes to an end in 10…9…8…7..6…5 seconds. Hurry up!