Captain tenure stats in UFOP: SB118

Captain tenure stats in UFOP: SB118

Former captain Mal Avatar has been spearheading a great deal of historical cataloging, and recently he put together some very interesting stats on commanding officers, which we wanted to share with you. Check out these great insights below:
The average commanding officer is in command for 1.92 years, with the median just 1.32 years.
Of course, there are some outliers. The record for length-of-time in the captain’s chair belongs to the following captains:
1. Hollis Calley who commanded the Kodiak-A, Kodiak-B, and Ursa Major for 7.98 years
2. Tyr Waltas who commanded Starbase 118 Operations, Discovery-B, and Discovery-C for 7.52 years (still active)
3. Jessa Anassasi who commanded USS Constitution-B, USS Phoenix-C, USS Independence, USS Independence-A for 6.63 years
4. Rocar Drawoh who commanded Duronis II Embassy, USS Constitution-B, Starbase 118 Operations, USS Eagle, USS Victory for 6.59 years
5. Sidney Riley who commanded USS Tiger, Starbase 118 Operations, USS Independence-A, USS Tiger-A who 5.39 years (still active)
Set your calendar, Captain Waltas! You’ll break Hollis’ record on March 8, 2391.
On average, it takes 3.24 years to get the captain’s chair with a median of 2.90 years.
Our quickest trip the captain’s chair (excluding community founders, acquisitions, and special situations):
1. Leigha Jacobs at just .53 years.
2. Hollis Calley at .91 years (plus he went directly from second officer to CO)
3. Jessa Anassasi at 1.06 years
4. Allen O’Malley at 1.18 years
5. Ka’el Laang at 1.25 years
Of the current COs:
1. Tallis Rhul/Diego Herrera had the fastest trip at 2.08 years
2. Della Vetri at 2.61 years
3. Kalianna Nicholotti at 2.70 years
4. Andrus Jaxx at 2.98 years
5. Tyr Waltas at 3.48 years
Then there are others who have taken their time to get to the big chair:
1. David Cody waited 14.50 years to take command (however, his tenure with the fleet was not contiguous)
2. Samuel Perkins waited 7.30 years to take command (contiguous tenure)
3. Samal Frazier waited 5.85 years,
4. Cura Assanti waited 4.94 years.
5. Francis deMarc waited 4.81 years.
2390 is an unprecedented year of captaincy retention. Not to jinx it, but we are almost 3/4 of the way through the year and no captain has resigned. That has NEVER happened in a calendar year. It has now been over 500 days since the last commanding officer stepped aside (Commander Unum) and that is a record.
2389 had three resignations, the aforementioned Unum, Tallis, and Kare’en. Tallis later returned as Herrera so that is a wash and Kare’en was a planned temporary transition.
By the way, the worst year for CO resignations was 2376 when 12 COs stepped down:

  • Elinor of Kanist (Continued on as other characters and in other roles)
  • Jeffrey Pelletier
  • Reginald LeCrisp
  • Jasen Rendary
  • Shaun Marlin (Continued in other capacities)
  • Maela Jolon
  • Sandolphan Aquiss
  • Curtis Arvanon
  • Colin McHendry
  • Leigha Jacobs
  • Alexander VonGrippen
  • Tristan Wolf (stepped down as CO of Daris Colony)

Also, it has been suggested that the commanding officer position of Starbase 118 Operations is a “command killer.” The data does not support that. The average commanding officer of anyone who has commanded the base has an average of 3.08 years as a CO, which is nearly a year longer than the average of 1.92 years.
Our current crop of COs has been in command for 3.12 years which is slightly longer than the average. The current COs by time in the chair:
1. Tyr Waltas: 7.52 years
2. Sidney Riley: 5.38 years
3. Toni Turner: 3.57 years (combines time spent as CO of Resolution, Ronin, and Embassy)
4. Andrus Jaxx: 2.97 years
5. Della Vetri: 2.61 years
6. William Rogers: 1.66 years
7. Kalianna Nicholotti: 1.63 years
8. Tallis Rhul/Diego Herrera: 1.45 years (combines time as both characters)
9. Lilly Ventu/Aron Kells: 1.25 years
Many thanks to Captain Avatar for putting this data together. For more of his interesting work, check out the UFOP Fleet Timeline.

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