A Reminder About Security and Privacy

A Reminder About Security and Privacy

Now that we’ve recovered from the epic hacking that hijacked our website for weeks and caused us to move servers and lock down our web presence like Ft. Knox, I feel that it’s important that I review a few important things about security and privacy.
First and foremost, UFOP: StarBase 118 does not sell your contact information to any third parties, and we never provide it voluntarily without your authorization. Your contact information may be used on third party websites, for example, Yahoo! Groups or other modes of communication with you, but we never give authorization to third parties to use your information for any purpose other than directly related to communicating with you about UFOP: StarBase 118 business.
Second, it is absolutely critical that everyone uses best practices for their passwords in relation to our community. We recognize that our multiple websites (WordPress, Forums, Wiki) present a challenge because they each have different logins. However, all members should always use unique and complex passwords that do not match any passwords they use with other personal services. For example, the password to your personal email account should never match any passwords you use with our websites.
For a simple and easy-to-read tutorial about making your password system more secure, please see this Google help article.
Third, while we promote a community atmosphere and encourage members to build relationships with other members of the group, you should always use your best judgement about providing personal information other members. We do not recommend that you give out your phone number or address to anyone, and if you choose to meet other members of the group “In Real Life,” we encourage you to tell others about where you’re going and always meet the other member in a public space where many other people are around.
Secure your online presence and stay safe offline, and you’ll be simming with us for a long time!
See also: How you can stay safe and secure online.

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