September Plot Summary: USS Apollo

September Plot Summary: USS Apollo

After their rendez-vous with the USS Mercury, in orbit of Betazed, the USS Apollo has begun its mission to escort the Mercury to Starbase 118 with very important cargo, a member of the Cardassian Detapa Council. The Apollo also has a guest, a Cardassian intelligence agent named Tala Rovor, who has revealed evidence of a assassination plot against the Councilor. Agent Rovor believes that the plot is meant to take place somewhere in Federation space in order to frame Federation officials, or at least to discredit them at this critical venture.
To complicate matters further, Captain Andrus Jaxx has been stricken with an unknown condition that has left him in a coma in the Apollo’s sickbay. This has left the responsibility for completing the mission on the shoulder of first officer Lieutenant Commander Liam Frost. As the Apollo rushes across Federation space, Commander Frost and intelligence officer Lieutenant Viktor Lanius must find a way to work with Agent Rovor in an effort to uncover the identity of the assassin, and find evidence of his plot before he can enact it.
For more on the Apollo, follow the crew on their Yahoo Group!

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