October Plot Summary: USS Drake

October Plot Summary: USS Drake

After activating an ancient Ishkarian sensory array at “Gate Way Station,” the combined crews of the USS Drake and the USS Avandar found themselves in battle against a Klingon task force while simultaneously trying to save the civilian inhabitants of the station.
Pilots from both the Avandar and the Drake launched a ragtag group of fighters from the station and led the Drake on an attack run against one of the Klingon battlecruisers. Surprisingly, the plan actually works and the cruiser was disabled, but not before the Flamingo piloted by CWO Peace-Lily was smeared across the side of the station in a ball of fire. Just as things became really desperate, another force of Klingon ships decloaked and attacked the first group. The new arrivals drove off the original Klingons and beamed up the boarding parties that managed to gain a foothold on both the Avandar and Drake before jumping off at warp speed.
The Starfleet crews beamed the wounded civilians from the station to the Avandar for medical treatment while trying to save the station, which was badly damaged during the attack.  The civilians were transferred to a federation medical ship and the Drake prepared to continue its mission of exploration.
Follow the crew on the USS Drake (http://goo.gl/IiJV8)!

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