October Plot Summary: USS Apollo

After having completed the first part of her mission, escorting the USS Mercury to the Nequencia system, the USS Apollo has begun patrolling the system, keeping watch out for any who might try to interfere with the Mercury‘s mission.

Upon their arrival, intel officer Lieutenant Viktor Lanius, along with his counterpart aboard the Mercury, uncover who is responsible for the plot to assassinate a member of the Cardassian Detapa Council. The plot was foiled by Lieutenant Bale of the Mercury, but one of the assassins, Baren Dreth, escaped.

Unbeknownst to either crew, Dreth did not escape far. While patrolling the system, the Apollo was confronted by a Romulan Valdore-class warbird. The ship was crewed by members of an unknown faction.

While the crew of the warbird are unknown, the man in command of the vessel was Baren Dreth. Lieutenant Commander Liam Frost made several attempts to negotiate Dreth’s surrender, but to no avail. With peaceful options exhausted, the Apollo was forced into a firefight with the warbird, in which the Apollo was damaged and the Warbird was destroyed with all hands except one: Dreth.

Fortunately for the crew, there was also good news, as Captain Andrus Jaxx emerged from his coma and was given a positive prognosis by Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant (JG) Jalana Laxyn.

With no way to track Dreth, the Apollo is preparing to undertake the second half of their mission, a rendezvous with the USS Victory in the Thracian system.