November Plot Summary: USS Drake

November Plot Summary: USS Drake

As the crew of the USS Drake do their best to pick up and carry on after their harrowing encounter with the Klingon raiding party, Starfleet sends new orders.  Captain William Rogers is ordered to take the Miranda-class vessel deep into uncharted space on mission to locate and activate the next link in an ancient Ishkarian sensor network.
A number of the Drake‘s crew — particularly chief science officer Commander Karynn Brice — are excited at the prospect of travelling into the unknown.  Adding to the excitement is the only fact the crew knows about this area of space: that it is rumoured to be a breeding ground for massive, space-dwelling creatures that the crew has tentatively dubbed “cosmozoans.”
However, the mission quickly takes a somewhat ominous turn as the Drake comes upon an enormous vessel, battered and abandoned, with what appear to be crude pictograms covering its entire hull.
As the Drake‘s executive officer, Lieutenant Colonel David Whale, and chief diplomatic officer, Commander Valis, lead an away team to explore the derelict vessel, some of the Drake‘s more psionically-aware personnel begin to feel a presence.
A one-hundred-and-seventeen-metre male cosmozoan, sensing an intrusion in the territory of the spawning grounds, has altered its course to intercept the Drake

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