November Plot Summary: USS Apollo

With Captain Andrus Jaxx recovered from his coma, and back in command, the USS Apollo prepares to arrive in the Thracian system to confront the invading Klingon vessels.

The Klingons, under the direction of Commander Krax and General Ma’Tag, claim that the Thracian territory rightfully belongs to the Klingon Empire, and that they are reclaiming it. What the small Federation fleet, including the Apollo, Achilles, and Victory, does not yet know is that Ma’Tag, Krax and any soldiers that follow them have been deemed traitors by the Empire and are to be killed on sight.

The combined efforts of Lieutenant Viktor Lanius and Lieutenant Commander Savannah Taylor of the Victory soon reveal the true nature of the plot: Krax and Ma’Tag’s efforts to restore the honour stripped from them by the High Council.

Now the small fleet is locked in a standoff against an unknown number of Klingon ships. Forces from the Empire are on the way to confront the  traitors, but the Federation fleet is left with a large unknown; will they be able to last until the Klingon fleet arrives?