March Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

March Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder, NCC-70605, were called to active duty from shore leave after Fleet Captain Toni Turner received information from Prime Minister Vail Daysa that a one hundred-year old Federation starship had been located by a Laudean science vessel, the LSS Gromati. The Gromati was examining the Kertella Nebula when it detected a vessel. Further scans revealed that the ship was the USS Canis Major, NCC-611. 
When the Thunder rendezvoused with the Gromati, the two ships began a coordinated effort to learn more about the nebula and the Canis Major. While the Gromati learned more about the nebula, an away team was sent by runabout from the Thunder to the Canis Major. The away team, wearing EVA suits, slowly approached the Canis Major and beamed onto the Hermes class vessel in main engineering. With only the lights from their EVA suit helmet’s and a deck plan diagram to go on, the away team separated into three teams to examine main engineering, the emergency bridge, and sickbay. Each team found similarities in each section of the ship. No remains, no functioning equipment, and no indication of what happened to the crew of the Canis Major.
Back on the Thunder, the remaining crew waited for their chance to go to the old Federation ship after the initial away team established safe zones. Britta Daysa, the wife of the Laudean prime minister, identified a Romulan vessel hiding in the nebula, and the Thunder was brought to red alert.

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