Lower Decks: Lieutenant JG Zinna

Lower Decks: Lieutenant JG Zinna

Zinna at her graduationHere in another edition of  Lower Decks, we’ll talk with a counselor and her writer about getting an early start in the PBEM forum, where age is limitless, and so is the imagination. Lieutenant JG Zinna, hailing from the USS Tiger-A is fueled by an insatiable desire to create and weave new stories, and with her writer being a musician, novelist, and aspiring comic artist, there are no short comings when creating new sims.
Sometimes its the younger spirit; the natural will to create and need for new and exciting worlds of imagination that lead to some of the more interesting characters and stories in our community. Erin Green, the writer for LTJG Zinna, seems to have that insatiable need for creativity born from her aspiring visions of becoming a comic artist, playing 1st chair viola, and an appetite for books of all kinds. Being a younger writer, 15 to be exact, that spark of imagination has not yet become tarnished, and if anything, is flourishing. Cartoons served as more of a conduit for getting into Trek, as she began to see more and more starships and Star Trek anecdotes in her daily routine on Goanimate.com. She decided to learn more and embarked on a journey that would lead her through TNG, DS9 and Voyager, ultimately serving as the foundation for her career in Starfleet.
Being that her hunger for Trek wasn’t satisfied, she decided to do what most of us inevitably did, and “googled” “star trek role-playing games”. I’m sure we all know the story from there, but from that fateful set of keystrokes, the community here at SB118 gained a new and resourceful young writer. “…I thought this was the perfect opportunity. So I joined hundreds (metaphorically) of role playing sites and all were really bad, but when I found UFOP:SB118, it was like Star trek role playing heaven.” It was here that she decided to lay anchor and really let her RP experience unfold. With limitless boundaries as to what she could be in the community, Erin fell back on one of her comic icons for guidance. The inspiration for LTJG Zinna is non other than “Storm from the X-Men. I love her from the old original comics (Giant Size X-Men: #1) where she was portrayed as a Goddess. She was magical like and calm and with nature, which is how my character is like. And from there I expanded it as I simmed and made her even more unique.”
As most of us have discovered through training, and just being new in general, there are hardships that may come with any new topic we care to devote any amount of time to. “The only challenge I face was over-simming. I was excited about this and wanted to sim 24/7. I had to learn to slow down and give other’s a chance to sim, and once I joined a real ship it came easy to me.” Learning the dynamics of writing with others is always a tough parcel to overcome, but Zinna began to fit right in. Goals began to form for the writer; “When I first joined I wanted to be a counselor and that’s it. I wasn’t interested in command at all. I didn’t want to be a captain and command a ship. I asked someone once, ‘Can I be the rank of Captain and still just be a counselor on a ship?’ But now I think I want to join command and can’t wait. Maybe once I reach rank Commander and feel like I’m ready I could be a captain. But as of right now, I think I can wait my turn. I’m not in a rush.” Sounds like a stable plan of action.
The LTJG currently serves the USS Tiger-A as her counselor, and from the sounds of things, Zinna has her hands full. She comments on their current plot: [We are in]…”Tholian space with Tholians sending out a distress signal but with the radiation so bad we are unable to help them, but more specifically, my character is trying to help a patient who has several mental health issues and is an endangerment to himself and the crew. He recently tried to commit suicide and she’s been dealing with that and other several crew that may disagree with her suggestions. But in all, it’s pretty fun to sim.” So much for patient confidentiality ma’am! As the future of the Lieutenant unfolds, we as readers should be in store for some rather interesting developments from both the writer, and her character. Carry on Lieutenant!

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